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Starting this blog has been a lifeline for me. I have been able to release some thoughts and feelings that I’ve had swimming around for years and it’s enabled me to come to terms with a huge amount of unresolved emotions.

The progression of the blog and the facebook page has meant that I have built a community of people, some who now want to explore their own interest in writing. I wanted to open up this blog to those people to allow them the same release as I had.

I hope you enjoy reading their very personal, emotional journeys.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch and of course it can also be published anonymously.



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  1. Heather Sheldon says:

    I have organised with a local tearooms – Heaven is homemade, 18 The Pastures, Toodwick, S26 1JF a coffee morning with special guest, local Rotherham MP Sir Kevin Barron. We will be discussing all things sensory, especially the inability to get an NHS OT with sensory qualifications to do an assessment, and that private reports not only cost a small fortune but are not been accepted as evidence in our kids EHCP.

  2. Rachel Treadgold says:

    My son is nearly 18 and has now been admitted to an adolescent mental health day unit for assessment for ASD, I have searched for support since primary school for him, he was diagnosed with dyspraxia during this time, as his mum I told many people he was different to his peers, no one listened, he progressed to high school being bullied because of his difference, he was classed as naughty and disruptive by his teachers due to anger issues and frustration, his anxieties increased to unmanageable situations causing damage to household furnishings and suicide attempts because he’s unable to channel his emotions and frustrations, he was excluded from school at 15 due to him being unable to function socially within the classroom environment, he was placed on the alternative curriculum with persons experiencing behavioural issues and has now turned to drugs, I tried truly to get my boy support, it’s not a question of IF I get his diagnosis it is WHEN, I just hope it’s not too late, my son finds this world difficult to comprehend and I’m certain if it had been recognised years ago life could have been so different, not just for him but also for his sister and myself , it’s been a very emotional rollercoaster for us all but hopefully light is now there to guide us a lot better

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