What Autism Means To Me

Autism is something that was never in the plan, but something that there’s absolutely no way of changing.

It’s about becoming a family that you never thought you would be yet realising that you are the family that you were meant to be all along.

It’s about reading and learning everything that there is to know about your child’s disorder but knowing you’ll never get an answer of your biggest question “why?”

It’s about having a child who is non verbal and might never tell you that they love you, but having a child who makes you feel more loved and needed than you’ve ever felt in your whole life.

It’s about being frustrated every day by the lack of words and understanding whilst being amazed at how well your child can function in a world that mostly relies on speech.

It’s about developing an inner strength that you never you knew you had whilst feeling like you’re on the edge a lot of the time.

It’s about going to places and seeming relaxed whilst people don’t realise that you’ve analysed the whole experience for hours before you got there making sure that everything will be as positive as possible for your child.

It’s about your other child not quite having the sibling that you thought they would have whilst watching their friendship and relationship grow and realising it’s the perfect sibling match.

It’s about learning so much more about your husband and feeling like the strongest team in the world, whilst going through times where you think you’ll never make it together because it’s all too much.

It’s about growing the thickest skin and learning to ignore the stares, whilst also hoping that nobody ever ignores your child.

It’s about feeling like you’re on your own but also realising that you have the best network of family and friends that there is and that your child is truly loved.

It’s about feeling the most incredible pride over the smallest of things and allowing yourself to think “this is going to be ok”.

It’s about one small boy who is the centre of our universe, who our whole world revolves around but who wants all this attention less than any other child I know…for me.

Autism is about Charlie


Lee-Ann is a Mummy of two. Rosie who is 6 and Charlie who is 3.5. Rosie is VERY verbal and Charlie is currently non-verbal and awaiting an ASD diagnosis (current diagnosis of significant social and communication disorder). She would love for people to have more of an idea of what life is life for families who deal with autism on a daily basis and for the world to be more understanding and accepting.

Lee-Ann contributed this post as part of our guest post series from parents/carers who are members of the Joseph Spectrum Squad, parent/carer group on facebook.

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