Not All Parents Are Cursing The Summer Holidays

It’s only the end of Week 1 of the summer holidays and I have read countless posts about how difficult it is for parents during the school holidays and they can’t wait for the kids to go back. It’s particularly difficult for those who have a child with a disability.

Here I go again being Johnny Opposite by saying, not me.

Usually, by the end of the summer term, Joseph has had enough and so have I. Between September and July, I juggle the school drop offs and pick ups around work and his other social commitments and it’s usually taken it’s toll on me. The final few weeks of school are a cluster of events which is exhausting and confusing for us both so when the final bell rings, I’m happy to shout “SCHOOL’S OUT, THANK FUCK!” whilst breathing a sigh of relief.

Even though Joseph wakes up early every day, I’m still at work before most people have risen to ensure that I’ve finished in time to pick him up. The school holidays means that I don’t have the pressure to arrive at work early and dart across the carpark in a rush each day to ensure I’m waiting for him at the school gate. The 80mph lifestyle can be reduced to almost 60mph.

At the moment, I’m quite lucky that my parents shoulder most of the responsibility during the holidays so I can continue to work for most of them, allowing me to keep my leave for other times of the year when I need to attend meetings on behalf of Joseph. Fortunately my parents enjoy their time with him and only get the tit on when I’m actually looking after my own child myself.

Through the holidays, I’m not as worried that he’s not gone to sleep early enough but still woken at shit o’clock and how that will impact on the day ahead. I’m happy to let him stay up later with the irrational belief that he will sleep in later one day.

The main difficulties we face in the holidays is how everywhere is so much busier. Joseph still has difficulty queuing (maybe a family trait and not related to autism) and we’ll avoid certain places for that reason. For him though he’s more than happy to hang out at his Grandparent’s house each day and is happy to just not have to put his uniform on.

I daren’t ever mention about our family holiday too soon as the word holiday to Joseph means the seaside, beach and a pool and he will mention EVERY SINGLE DAY until we go (likely to be no different to any other kid). He thinks that every day we are together we need to do something and by the end of the holidays he’s had such a good time and got into a routine of NOT going to school that I worry about how he will settle back in once September arrives (see Why August Makes Me Anxious).

This year, his school have created him a brilliant timetable to show him each week of the holiday which he can move his own picture along each day to indicate when it’s the holidays and when it’s time for school. It also includes a mini story about which class he’ll be in and photographs of significant people and areas within the school. It still doesn’t stop me worrying though as to how he will react on Day 1 of the new term.

And it’s for that reason, I’ll be the one moaning and stressing at the end of the holidays as I worry how we will both get into the old routine and whether we’ll both freak out in September.

I understand that not everybody has the luxuries I currently have but whilst ever this is the case, I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon to piss and moan for the sake of it.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I feel exactly the same way about the school holidays. I’ve always been the same. I’m the one who’s anxious in our house about the new term, usually the older two are glad to be back to some sort of routine.

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for reading 😊 Glad I’m not the only one!

  2. kerryfender says:

    I don’t curse the summer holidays either. The break in routine does make things difficult, and I am very aware that going back to school in September will present difficulties, but the long summer break is a fact of life, so we just make the best of it, and find ways to mitigate the challenges – as we do with most situations.

    1. This is exactly us πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  3. We have a 12 week summer hols and I actually really enjoy my sons company. I’m also the bad mum who’s taking her son out of school to travel for 2 months so he’ll actually be off for 4 months!!! Things may be different when River is older, but for now he seems to adapt to change really well. Enjoy your summer! #PostsFromTheHeart

    1. That sounds fantastic!! Not a bad mum at all! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  4. Holidays here are a mixture. Like you we love the lack of pressure, it makes us all happier. If I could just make a few people disappear from the places Number One would like to visit… now that really would be perfect! #PostsFromTheHeart

  5. Look at that face !!! Thats the biggest smile i have ever seen. I am loving the holidays , no school run , no early nights and rushing about . Just lots of fun family time and blogging for me #PostsFromTheHeart

  6. Break A Leg says:

    #PostsFromTheHeart I totally concur – loving the time I get to spend with my monkey!

  7. Oh yes as a teacher and a mum I agree 100%. The rush at the end of the school year and trying to juggle responsibilities across different schools (mine and there’s) has me well and truly knackered. Oscar loves the holidays and the change of pace is what we all need. Like you I avoid anywhere too busy. We are going to see me parents in the UK and he loves it! Somewhere safe and familiar. It is the transition to his new secondary i am worried about but we do have a support worker to help this year. Enjoy your sunmer. 🌈

    1. Tina Medlock says:

      I hope you have a fantastic time xx

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