Slangry: You’re So Tired You’re Angry

Usually, party invites that state ‘kids welcome’ still mean my kid gets left at home.

Not because I am a tight twat but there are a spread of reasons why it just doesn’t work.


What’s the point of a late night when your child still gets up at shit o’clock or possibly earlier? Is it worth the tired behaviour the following day?


What does your child do to occupy themselves at a grown up’s party other than sit with their face in the iPad which I refuse to allow happen.

Social awkwardness

People don’t know what to say to you when you have a child with autism in tow, who doesn’t communicate very well and spends a fair proportion of time, jumping up and down and flapping.

Last night though was one of those rare occasions where we actually accepted an invite to take our blended collection along. I have to admit, I was a little nervous as although there were people there who knew Joseph and I would feel comfortable around, I was still worried about how Joseph would behave and how he would be perceived.

Worried for nothing.

Joseph played about on the dance floor with his blended family and when Gangnam Style was played, his little face lit up and he took over the floor belting out “Sexy Lady” at the top of his voice. I asked him if he wanted to go and as the DJ for another song and he chose Beyonce’s Love on Top. Talk about owning the dance floor. That boy has got serious moves and attitude that brings a massive smile to my face.

It has to be said, the highlight of his evening was when his favourite singer/guitar player who he has never met but stalks on youtube, made an appearance. His little face broke into a giggle and he hid behind me through embarrassment. After he got over himself, he kept asking me, “Where’s Pete?”

I’d also forgotten that Joseph is famous in his own right now and strangers who had read about him approached me to tell me how fantastic he is. People also wanting to talk to ME about the blog award (I promise I never brought it up!)

When we finally got them all to bed at 22:45, I fell into that trap again of thinking a lie in is absolutely nailed on here. Joseph was out like a light and I wasn’t far behind.

So when I heard the hoss-piss at 05:45 and the elephant steps across the landing, I was ready to shout out loud, FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

I didn’t and when The Sleep Thief popped his head around the door and politely said “Good Morning”, I told him it was night time still and to go back to bed. Through my comatose state I heard random little noises for the next hour until he decided try his luck again and then I surrended.

There would have been a time where I felt I couldn’t expose Joseph to everyone else and I’m ashamed to say, embarrassed about the little things that make Joseph, Joseph. I realised last night, I am no longer that person and I was proud to shout out, that the diva on the dancefloor belonged to me.

After ignoring him for the first three minutes because I was Slangry. I asked him what he enjoyed about last night.


Playing with Pete.

Sorry Pete, but doesn’t look like your youtube hits are going to level out some time soon.

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  1. So glad you and Joseph both had a great time. Lie ins definitely can’t be relied upon here either so I can definitely relate to realign Slangry first thing in a morning x

  2. I like Slangry! 😊 I’ve been there along with Hangry and Pangry (you got to pee and there’s no bathroom suitable to go) 😊

      1. A friend and I made it up.(just being silly) We were in NY and walking around looking for a place to eat and a few of us had to use the bathroom too, but couldn’t find one. So we were walking around saying we were really PHANGRY (WE had to Pee (Excuse that expression) and We were hungry and of course that makes one ANGRY.

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