Why am I writing about BAPs you may ask? Well, a few months ago I asked if you would nominate me for a new blogging award, purely dedicated to Special Needs bloggers.

The Bloody Awesome Parents Awards

Although a few people contacted me to say they had voted, I never expected to hear the news that I did last week, which was that I had actually been nominated in five of the six categories. That in itself was amazing news especially as I wasn’t sure how I fit into some of these categories but I guess you all must see something I don’t!!


Promoting Positive Perceptions

SEND with a Side Dish of Humour

The Truth about SEND

Campaign for Change

Today, my alerts on twitter started to go a little crazy. I have tried to get more into twitter but still not totally up on it, so wondered what was kicking off.

As it turns out, it wasn’t Trump making the news, I was tagged in the shortlisting news for the ‘Newcomer’ category in these BAPs awards.


The closest I have ever come to being nominated for an award is the ‘Swear Like a Docker’ award, so this was a shocker. I have reached the final along with three other amazing bloggers and I am honoured to share such an achievement with them. I am actually a little disappointed in that I didn’t reach the final of the SEND with a Side Dish of Humour category as I have now come to accept there is slight humour in my life, other than people laughing at the man I live with.

Now comes the next part.

I need YOU!

Well more importantly, I need your vote. Think XFactor, think simple voting and now click on the link.

Now, I’m not competitive (much) and I’d like to win (a bit) and obviously just happy to reach this stage BUT I would like to rehearse a Oscar-type speech, so please do it. And I promise I will only send reminders at least once a week. Share it with everyone you know!

Here it is again, in case you missed it a couple of lines up.


People, I want to buy a new dress and The Keeper would love to go to these awards and hear more about blogging, because he hasn’t quite heard enough.


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