Paracetamol Link to Autism?


Before I launch into this one, I have to admit I read it in The Sun. Now I don’t normally read a newspaper these days unless I can read someone else’s for free and that’s usually at my dad’s house.

And even more shameful that I bought The Sun was the fact I bought it because of the headline.


Yes, I love trash tv and Kev and I are addicted to Love Island. He will kill me for letting this one out so I guess I better not utilise his shit proof reading skills for this particular post.

After I had read about the new low for British tv I skipped to page 4 where the headline was:

Paracetamol Link to Autism in Boys

and then I sighed. What The Fuck? I am wondering whether the next article I read about links to autism will be because the pregnant mother was breathing too slow, too fast, too deep. Despite it being in The Scum, the research was carried out by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health. I don’t know who they are but it sounds respectable. They say that the reason paracetamol could affect mental development was because the way it works by blunting pain receptors in the brain. It goes onto say that boys are more affected because their brains are more vulnerable to harmful influences earlier in life.

Now before you think I am going to be on a guilt trip about taking paracetamol in pregnancy and blaming myself for Joseph’s autism, that isn’t going to happen. I am the biggest pain martyr you may meet. I’m the one with the headache who will do everything other than take a tablet and the reason why is, I’ve never had a paracetamol and immediately thought “Brilliant, I feel bloody great now. I’m so glad I took that tablet”. So for me it comes as a very last resort. I can’t recall needing to take anything in early or even late pregnancy for that matter. I do remember ringing the labour suite once I made the call to say I’d had a show and being told, “take a couple of paracetamols” but nothing to concern me to any great extent.

It’s possible there are now a group of women who are troubled by the thought that taking a simple drug could have contributed to their child’s autism. Yet there are another group of women who have been off their tits on God knows what, pissed out of their heads during their pregnancy and their child arrives perfect.  Not bitter though.

Someone is going to have to try a bit harder to convince me that these tablets may have had such a huge affect on a brain’s development. This child of mine doesn’t have paracetamol to blame for his defective neurons.

Now, I will go back to watching our children play camping games in the garden after spending two hours interacting with each other in Kev’s 90s throwback tent. One child has taken it a step too far and has been peeing in the bushes.

Screw you Paracetamol.

and balls to it being Saturday and no new Love Island episode.


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